Have your own Kart and want to use our circuit.

We allow owner-driver to use their karts in between our rental kart sessions.

Our circuit can be rented out for private hire testing for £375 per day (during weekdays)please call to discuss.

During the quieter months Jan-April you may come any weekend but come the May it will be the last weekend of every month. Prices are based on a full day 10 am start £40 each kart, we advise getting to the circuit early to maximise track time.

All karts must be of race origin and have full cik bodywork, not metal front or side bumpers. Fully enclosed chain guards, secondary brake cable in case of brake rod failure, overflow tank for water and fuel. Race suits must be CIK level 2 manufactured no boiler suits or fireproof race suit, full face helmet and gloves.

Please also note that our car park is for cars not cable ties, crisp packets, unwanted petrol or anything else you cant be bothered to put in the bin.

Transponders can be used on our circuit but will need to be logged into our system the administration of £15 for your first visit will apply. All your lap times will be emailed to you at the end of your session. Each other visit will be charged at £5 for timing. All owner lap times will be stored on our system and available to compare your time to any other driver using our App.

We do not hire transponders, but the type you can use is the AMB 140 or AMB 160

Karts we allow

Bambino Karts Honda/comer/lame

All cadets 2 or 4 stroke

Jnr and Snr 2 stroke karts

Pro Karts, please call 01636 673322 if unsure

Karts we don’t allow

Please call if unsure 01636 673322

Anything homemade

Ex-rental Karts adapted or not

Shifter Karts

Bought it on eBay for £50

Times you can come

Please call to Book in with us 01636 673322

Wednesday – Friday Any kart circuit will be quieter during the week

Saturdays for Bambino, Cadets and pro karts

Sundays for Jnr and Snr 2 stroke classes

phone phone email